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Hickory Heights Woods 

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If you are new to our subdivision please register as soon as possible so you are included on the mailings and your names and email addresses registered with the board for official notifications.


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Subdivision Map

Click below for a detailed map of our subdivision which also shows lot numbers!




In 1968 the HOA was formed for the care and maintenance of the Park of Hickory Heights North, a subdivision located in the city of Troy, Oakland County, MIchigan.  The HOA is to operate and maintain the Park for the park and recreation purposes for the benefit of the members of this HOA. 


Hickory Heights Woods is a quiet subdivision just off Beach Road, North of Long Lake Road tucked away in the North Western corner of Troy.  There are a total of 144 homes in this subdivision managed by a HOA.  The HHW HOA is responsible for the running of the neighborhood park, cul-da-sacs, common areas, and entrances as well as community activities.  Besides maintaining the neighborhood look and appeal, the Board also reviews exterior homeowner changes, like house color, or landscaping features, to ensure the changes are compliant to the subdivisions intended look and bylaws.   This protection ensures that the look and feel of the neighborhood does not deviate through the years and maintains the appeal from the original design and helps increase residents' property value.   

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Hickory Heights Woods
Hickory Heights Park Association
P.O. Box 242
Troy, MI 48099

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